Word Cloud: Romance Novel Titles

Which words appear the most? We analyzed the most commonly used words in 346 historical romance novel titles that feature Native American main characters. Here are the results. Top 10: 10. Comanche 9. Wild 8. Woman 7. Bride 6. Moon 5. Wolf 4. Wind 3. Love 2. Heart Savage Advertisements Continue reading Word Cloud: Romance Novel Titles


Native American/First Nations Music:

5 Songs By Native Women To Be Totally Obsessed With RN By Lenny Peppers Growing up, mom listened to music from Redbone and Buffy St. Marie on our day trips to get groceries in Billings, MT two hours west of my home on the N. Cheyenne rez. Today we call to my experience with hashtags like #DecolonizeMusic, but back then, my AIM mama was just … Continue reading Native American/First Nations Music:

Keep an eye out for our short film!

Microbrew Aggression COMING SOON! Click the new COMING SOON tab to see what else is in the works! Also, keep an eye out for this weekend’s listicle of other Native American podcasts to listen to after you are done listening to ours and waiting for the next episode. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Microbrew Aggression page because it is gonna change as … Continue reading Keep an eye out for our short film!

Episode 1: What Even Are We?

Episode 1: What Even Are We? Meet Lenny Peppers and James Mason and learn all about The Novel Savage Podcast, a dialogue all about Native Americans within the literature world. This season, they will be covering representation within the romance genre. Come and Get Your Love– This season, Peppers and Mason will be reviewing covers of Redbone’s hit Come and Get Your Love. Episode 1 features a plunky and fun 8 bit … Continue reading Episode 1: What Even Are We?