Coming Soon!

We have several projects coming in 2019 and we wanted a place to let you know what to watch for! Remember that I am just one person and am putting every extra dollar into doing it all! (Hit us up on our Patreon page if you want to make any of these projects move faster.)

The Inappropriations Podblog

There are new stories all the time about Native issues that revolve around art and media. Here is were we talk about all that as well as post listicles and other NDN centered content. It will be the main content for this page with a post or two per week.

Prairie Tales

Films, films, and films! My Master’s degree is in film. My Bachelor’s degrees are in Native American Studies and Journalism. But my passions are in fighting the colonizer’s eye in film and promoting Native voices on the big screen. Let’s just say this is my one of my favorite things to talk about it so… let’s talk.

Spoiler: Season one is Prairie Tales of Terror!! All about the horror genre. EEEK! I am so excited. I teach a modern horror film class at our university. THAT’S how much I love horror film.

The Commod Bod Pod and Doc

I have always wanted to make a documentary. Why not out the government and their place in Native American food politics? And how about I put my research into a podcast? Okay.

Microbrew Aggression: A Film

We made a movie. It will be out this month. If you like it, we will make more of them. But also, we will probably make more even if you don’t.

Quantum: A Native American Comic Book

Quantum is a just your normal queer N. Cheyenne superpowered girl who gets into shenanigans. And Onishi Press wants to make sure you all get to meet her! Coming this summer, our comic book, Quantum!! Stay posted for our Quantum page and art and for our big release in June 2019!


We have some pretty sweet swag coming at you soon. A lot of it is art we created for our podcasts. But also we are nerds who love to make stuff. Which brings me to my final thing.

Other weird art.

Just like it says. Weird art from us weird artos.